Be a Hero

Create your own character and become a world-renowned Monster Trapper as you adventure through hundreds of quests.

Epic Adventure

Join the Ministry of Monsters and travel around the globe meeting a cast of quirky characters as you save the world from the vile Corruption...

Monster Trapping

Craft and upgrade awesome contraptions and baits to lure and cure over 100 monsters from mythology all round the world. Tangle with everything from the Australian Yowie to the Mexican Chupacabra in this addictive adventure game.

Explore & Collect

Discover and collect rare items and specimens from all over the world, including exotic butterflies, fish, wildflowers and fruits. Complete your personal Almanac — the essential guide to the natural world!

Play It Your Way

The world is full of fun for you — make new friends from all over the world and play together, customise your Homestead, discover new recipes, make a wish, explore new lands, or just relax and go fishing. There’s never a dull moment!